08 November 2015

Future - Salvage as Income

Today, I remembered a neat article about a couple of guys who started a sawmill in Washington.  Their idea was to salvage those lovely trees in the yards and developments that would otherwise end up as garbage or wood chips.  These are trees that have to come down, or that are damaged in some way.  Sometimes they are lovely, old trees.  They mill the wood and sell it or make custom furniture pieces with it.

Also, yesterday, I was watching a Youtube video about a community garden allotment and the girl said that in Germany, the yard debris is collected and turned into mulch, which people can then go get to put back on their yards or gardens.

I thought this sounded like a smashing endeavor to look into - perhaps for cash on the side outside of any job I might have.

This is not the original video I watched; I regret that I cannot find that one.  In my memory, it was much longer and I remember one conversation, in particular, where one of the gentlemen said that he was not sure if it would work at first but that it just seemed to work out that trees came to him until they had built up quite a stock.


Here is the video on composting (Though it's not terribly exciting).


In other news, Mom is still looking for a house.  She is trying to decide whether to stay where she is or move out of state.  I know how expensive it is there, but once you leave something special, you cant go back.  So, I'm torn for her.  I did speak with her.  A year from now we will know the answer to this story.