10 November 2009

Liberty Rising and Barbarian Frolic

I know I said I was buys with NaNoWriMo and so, of course, that makes me more productive on everything else but what I set out to do.  The good thing is I have a few new updates for my blog.  The first of which is another Barbarian poem.  It's sort of a jest of the first for reasons I dont need to go into when I know you trust me so much.  It just is.

After writing a second poem about barbarians, I joke that I need to produce a coffee table book filled with poems that echo the sound of a marching drum.  Who knows what things may come?!!  I will tell you this, these are the first poems I have ever written in a series with a common theme.  So ..  I guess you could call this "growth" ... or can you?

My thoughts on Liberty and the direction of this country are still formulating.  But now I give you the newest barbarian poem, which is probably much lighter and more entertaining.

Barbarians: Grace and Beauty and Light

Everyone loves a barbarian
Those quirky malcontent folk
They frolic and slay
All through the day
Never toiling beneath a yoke

Free and wild to plunder
Broad backs to the wild wild wind
They chortle and hack
‘till red blood dries black
Never dwelling ‘pon whether they’ve sinned

Friend to flies and buzzards
They’re fuzzy and wuzzy in furs
The hair down their back
Though  greasy and slack
'Tis mane would make lion pur

Even swarthy and cursing like devils
They are grace and beauty and light
With teeth like a grave
In need of a shave
Live each day for the love of the fight

And as the Barbarians like to say …

To raise a child they say
It takes an entire village
Rome ‘twernt built in a day
But you could wipe it away
With a torch and one good pillage!

Or, it takes a barbarian to raze a village.