03 March 2013

Revolver Brewing Is On Target

Deep in the heart of Texas the Microbrew revolution is growing.  I couldn't be happier!  When I woke up yesterday morning, I had no idea how the day would end.  But, once I laid eyes on the logo of this great young brewery, I knew I had to go.  So, Jason and I piled into the new car (Jinro) and motored the two and half hours north to Granbury, TX.  

Spring is springing and the countryside is looking quite beautiful in Central Texas.  It was the perfect day for the drive.

Revolver Brewing did not disappoint!  The brewers have a nice little business going on, complete with live music and tables to sit and enjoy the warm spring sun.  They have games of horse shoes and "corn hole". 

I took this photo in the highly polished reflection of their Airstream trailer.  Very fun-house!


Blood and Honey brew is approved, slightly spicy with a hint of blood orange and honey.  Their stout is solid and enjoyable (I'm still more of a Porter girl).  Jason enjoyed the High Brass blonde ale.

 Great live music!  We noticed the logo looks a little like the Atari logo of our youth.

 Games of horse shoes and corn hole.

$10 Entry fee gains you a commemorative pint glass and two generous half-glass tastings.  But, of course, I still bought the tshirt ;) 

Update November 2016 - Revolver Brewing announced it has entered into a definitive purchase agreement with MillerCoors.