27 March 2012

A slice of heaven

This weekend I accidentally, yes, accidentally ordered the world's largest pizza.  Man, its a good thing i also got the garlic breadsticks ....

Seriously, i bumped into the door on my way out of the place and i really had to scratch my head on how to transport it flat in my little Mr Miyagi pickup.

The pizza was very tasty and obviously induced laughter and other good things.  A "little" slice of heaven? Indeed!!

25 March 2012

New Friends and Crazy Gals

Twas a beautiful day across central Texas today. Jason and I set out across the rolling hills of the flower festooned hill country to the Best of the West shooting range to do a little pistol shooting.  I am posing here with my new cardboard friend. Me and William Barett Travis dispatched him handily.  Yes, i am aware it is monstrously lame to name your gun but it makes me laugh so hard i solidly refuse to cease.

We followed the successful session with a late lunch at Crazy Gals Cafe ... looking down at my plate, what was perhaps the best chicken fried steak i have had in ... ever.. stared back at me unabashedly! The corn fritters were amazing and the deep fried okra was crisp and fresh.  A complete win! I only am saddened by how short this weekend is.