19 April 2014

Cresting the Ridge Line

You know sometimes when you crest the ridge line, with its poor soil and rocky outcroppings. You can feel the sun is hot on your skin but the breeze at that altitude is chilly through your shirt sleeves. You contemplate your layers at that moment. 

As your focus shifts from awareness of the arduous demands of the climb, your elevated heart rate and breathing rate, to the vast horizon spread before you now, like a king at the head of the table of your visible feast, you notice the soft vacuum sound of the wind through the tree limbs. You smell the warm dry sent of the shrubs. You hear a few birds or maybe the random scolding Jay. 

It is quiet, but not quiet. Solitary, yet busy.

13 April 2014

Rolling by

Well let me just tell you about a beautiful thing I witnessed outside of my door.  It's spring in Texas and with the warm and cold undulating weather comes spring storms.  Here in Central Texas, we dont get the kind of wild weather they do up in Tornado Alley, nor do we get the kind of lightning and precipitation they get down on the Gulf or in Houston.  Even so, we get some beautiful and sometimes violent spring and fall storms. 

Tonight a storm rolled through flashing it's usual brilliant electric effervescence, but this time was the first time I had heard the continuous rumble of thunder, like a passing train.  Flash after flash of lighting in the clouds, one overlapping the other meant the rumbles never began, never middled, never ended.  The sky just rumbled and rumbled.  Finally, big spats of rain began to fall.  Faster and faster until it was a rumbling tumbling flashing downpour.

There are some who are afraid of storms but I just sat outside with my eyes and ears and a big fat grin pointed skywards. 


06 April 2014

Today is Eternity

It's all just waiting and learning and loving; learning and loving and waiting.  The Buddhas and Christs and Prophets will tell you it is.  Just loving and waiting and learning what the universe wants to teach you.  And when you have waited long enough and learned what you can and loved with the expanse of your heart, then your time will come. And if you should happen to cross the river before you realize it's just waiting and learning and loving, perhaps you will come back again.  Perhaps there is hope for me, time to do it better again; Tomorrow, next season, next time.  They say we don't have  much time, but Baby, I think that's ALL we have.  Today is eternity