28 June 2013


This Friday marks the ramp up to a full week our moving activities that include finishing the painting, fixing the kitchen lino, possibly replacing the carpet in the project room with self stick tiles, and .. oh yeah .. moving boxes. 

I wont miss the apartment where we have been living and I do not relish the idea that our poor, blind dog has to get used to a new house.  However, when I was there last night I had to spend some time waiting for Jason to return.  I had no lawn chair yet so I just laid out on the cement slab in the back yard and looked up at the sky.  I listened to the wonder that is the mocking bird, cycling through it's warbles and chirps and watching him flit back and forth between the tops of two telephone poles.  A plane flew overhead and the contrails were pink against a darkening sky.  I had no telephone.  No distractions.  It was peaceful.  

I look forward to a garden and a little bit of a yard to enjoy privately.  No apartment neighbors spying in on us.  I look forward to BBQ and Grilling and smoking.  I look forward to the new projects I can try out back on the generous cement slab.  I look forward to having my earthly "things" around me in the house, instead of in a storage unit down the street.  I look forward to having a spare room where people can stay instead of lodging them on the sofa. 

So, it is another tale of hard work that achieves something important to the heart.  That is usually the most satisfying work of all.