25 March 2012

New Friends and Crazy Gals

Twas a beautiful day across central Texas today. Jason and I set out across the rolling hills of the flower festooned hill country to the Best of the West shooting range to do a little pistol shooting.  I am posing here with my new cardboard friend. Me and William Barett Travis dispatched him handily.  Yes, i am aware it is monstrously lame to name your gun but it makes me laugh so hard i solidly refuse to cease.

We followed the successful session with a late lunch at Crazy Gals Cafe ... looking down at my plate, what was perhaps the best chicken fried steak i have had in ... ever.. stared back at me unabashedly! The corn fritters were amazing and the deep fried okra was crisp and fresh.  A complete win! I only am saddened by how short this weekend is.