21 October 2009

Carthagenian Literature

I admit, its a fake title that I simply made up.  To my knowledge there is no such category as Carthagenian Literature.  However, I have decided there have been too few good new titles in the Carthagenian Literature category and, therefore, I have completed a new poem as my modest contribution.  The poem is, as of yet, still titleless.

It's a story of brawn, of cold and heat, sometimes of hunger.  This is sort of a nod to the old Conan type warriors, the Hannibals and nameless marchers who marched and hacked and burned their way across the ages of history.  From a conquering army, of course.

I've been thinking a lot about Poe, so my verbal doodles have been somewhat dark including, "Sewing the devil's whirlwind is a fractured bloody art." and "The sorrow of a sparrow forms the fletch of Hades' arrow."  I mean who even knows if Hades had a bow .. but I digress.

I am Romans, Vikings, Vandals
Mongolians on the plain
My march is long
My heart is strong
The tongue I speak is strange

I wear sandals, armor, helmet
Carry carbine, mace and shield
I’ve bayonet
Or Spectre’s threat
Upon the battlefield

I march for king and sovereign
For fiefdom and for pharaoh
Reap what’s sewn
I crack your bones
And feast upon your marrow

For age and age before me
And age after I’m gone
You’ll speak of me
My victory
And recount what I've done