30 August 2007


In the beginning... coffee, dark and forgiving. Coffee pulls back the curtain of night and reveals a bright new world. It's like putting your feet in dark, loamy soil of the earth ... getting back to where it all began. And for me, coffee is the truly beginning - the holy grail of the morning.

I wonder if I can get a grail cup from my local coffee house? "Would that be blasphemy?" I wonder as I reposition my Jesus Action Figure. I dismiss the thought quicker than my sparking Godzilla nun toy winds down. I was raised American, after all, there is no reason why the interests of commerce and holiness cannot live happily side by side. No matter how fine of a line exists between Saturday night and Sunday morning you must still cross over the river Coffee before you can learn about the River Styx. Coffee separates all. Keeps it in it's respective place.

Caffeine is the security blanket of the morning. Therefore, it's important to make sure your coffee is fresh and of the highest quality. No moth-eaten, second rate coffee. No over-processesed, over-advertised, and over-rated coffee. Just fresh-ground brewed strong and in my cup. AHHH.