29 January 2007

Right Women

It is often a good test of a policy or thought to reverse it and see if it still holds true. Stay at home fathers are considered forward-thinking, modern, even sophisticated when compared to their male counterparts. Not so for women. I have long found it ironic that, while the Left advocates that women be allowed to choose whatever career path they may like to follow to be considered equally in the workplace as men, stay-at home mom's have curiously been thought of as somehow left behind, down-trodden, achieving below their potential, or otherwise pitiable creature. Left behind again by the group that vocalizes how concerned they are for them. Maybe thats why they call it the Left. They are always leaving someone behind. Those guys have more casualties than Hamburger Hill.

Enter now this quote that I just love from Townhall.com's Mary Katherine Ham. It was printed in a recent issue of The Washington Post

Right women
Pondering the lineup for a panel discussion at National Review's "conservative summit" featuring Kate O'Beirne, Kathryn Lopez, Michelle Malkin, Laura Ingraham and Mona Charen, TownHall.com blogger Mary Katharine Ham joked: "You know, sometimes when I'm standing around my kitchen in my RNC standard-issue apron baking cookies instead of working, it occurs to me for just one second how oppressed I am, as a conservative woman. I wonder to myself, 'Why didn't I join the party of "women's rights," where I could express myself and achieve something beyond the perfect pineapple upside-down cake and a couple young'ins?' ...
"If only there were somewhere in this movement for a young woman to find inspiration. Oh well. Back to my cookies.