17 May 2005

Build a date at Fred Meyer

Tonight I accompanied Gary on a big outing to Fred Meyer. He was engaged in the search for the perfect bag of chips and dip to satisfy his hunger. While in the refridgerated section I happened upon a bag of sour kraut. It seemed so unusual... a bag rather than in a jar... I was captivated and reached up to where it sat on the shelf to give it a little squeeze. With surprise I remarked that it felt almost exactly like a breast! Of course I made Gary feel it (politely) and asked him quite scientific if that's what an implant feels like. Then came the worst, though, when I blurted out, "All a guy needs is a hot water bottle and a bag of sour kraut, and a man would never have to date again! Once you go Kraut you never go out!" He then proceeded to calmly pick out some clam dip, which didnt help the situation at all. It occurred to me as he did so (And of course I said it outloud ... again...) "A man could put together a completely anatomically correct woman in the aisle of Fred Meyer!"

I admit it was inappropriate, improper, and THANK GOODNESS I had the good sense to blush but dont worry .. I've not going completely repentant and clean .. because then I laughed and was quite pleased with myself. Gary just shook his head and smiled. Hey, I'm telling you that saurkraut thing felt like a Pamela Anderson doll.

Somewhere, out there, my Mom is so proud of me right now.